Vienna Ice Cafe

The website for Vienna Ice Cafe was another super rush job, and I give credit to Anand Saha for doing a wonderful job of balancing pressure with charm to inspire me to revamp his website so quickly. Vienna Ice Cafe is a (relatively) new Columbus ice cream shop in Clintonville. Vienna Ice Cafe is owned and run by the same wonderful people who’ve been successful at Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe for more than 17 years. Last July Doris and Anand Saha chose to bring their expertise in pastries and Austrian-inspired goodness into the world of iced desserts.

Vienna Ice Cafe wanted to keep the same logo and the soft pink and chocolate colors that were in their branding, but they wanted a website that allowed large photos of their ice creams and desserts to shine as well. We also wanted to explain their aspirations to become a neighborhood cafe similar to traditional ice cream cafes that can be found throughout Austria. The new website features a simple slider at the top to help showcase their flavors as well as their story, and I love the addition of the wine and ice cream pairings. We’re going to continue to work together, and I only hope that their new website helps inspire customers to come try their gelatos as much as it has for me.