Will Freed Site Live!

Will Freed is a Columbus-based musician, and he’s one of my first official Columbus clients. This is why I’m especially happy to launch his new website, WillFreed.net. Yay!

I was fortunate enough to meet Will my second night in Columbus; he was playing at a BBQ joint down the street, Hoggy’s (which is DELICIOUS by the way), and he mentioned almost immediately that he was interested in a new site to publicize his shows, sell his music and share news about his band. Will and I worked together to build a site that kept up the color scheme that he likes for his albums while adding a bit more “grungy flair.”

If you happen to be in Columbus (or really anywhere in the Midwest–this fella travels everywhere) check out his calendar to see if he’s coming to your neighborhood anytime soon. He’s an incredibly talented musician, and his shows are a blast.