Starburst Media’s Work

It’s in the Details

2014 will mark the fourth year since El-Be Social Marketing/Starburst Media began–and it’s been a fabulous ride. Some clients are still in Chicago, some are right here in Columbus, but most are all around the country, from California to D.C. I love meeting new people and learning more about what drives them to work harder daily. At any given time I’m probably working with about 20 clients. I have about half a dozen social media and web maintenance clients, I’m usually helping a few former clients with sporadic site updates and normally have about a dozen new projects I’m working on. I like to mix my days up, so this potpourri works great for my brain. When someone asks if I’m busy, the answer is “Yes, but I’m always happy to work with someone new!”

Project Scope

It depends upon what you need for your business. Some clients hire me to build a WordPress website and offer a tutorial on how to update the site themselves. Other businesses want me to offer maintenance so that they can request changes anytime. I’m happy to work with each client in whatever way makes her the most comfortable.

Project Cost

Every project’s cost is dependent upon the project. Sorry, not an easy answer, but I offer fair and reasonable quotes that fit each project. I’m always happy to answer any client questions before we decide to start working together, and I want to make sure each person with whom I work is happy with all terms of our agreement.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with manufacturing businesses, law firms, salons, consulting firms, life coaches, bars and restaurants, artists, designers…it’s a long list. But all small businesses have one thing in common that I can offer assistance on: All businesses need a solid, search-friendly website and an overall well-managed online presence.

Starburst Media’s Clients

I try to keep my list of clients updated on the homepage as well as on this page…but, it’s not always the reality. Here are some of the clients that Starburst Media has been honored to work with since I started my business in 2010.

Aerial Ardour
Paddy Long’s Beer and Bacon Pub
Farmhouse Chicago
Drink Up Columbus
DMO Galleries
SBS Law Office
Cornerstone Dental Powell
Experience Clintonville
WELD: Women for Economic and Leadership Development
Grandview Digfest
Mozart’s Bakery and Piano Cafe
Vienna Ice Cafe
Lake Contracting Celina
Linda Leviton
The Finer Things Event Planning
Closet Outfitters Chicago
UrbanStreet Group
JB Machining Concepts