…On Neglecting my Own Blog

So, every day I preach to my clients how important it is to keep their websites updated, their Facebook information accurate and fresh and their blog new. I explain the importance of updating fans and potential clients, and for a handful of them, I write their blogs and man their Facebook pages. Yet, how simple it is to fail in this for my own business due to trying to keep up with the rest. And it’s time for me to get my own act together.

It’s so incredibly simple for me to stay up to date for my clients. I guess the added pressure of knowing that I’d be letting myself as well as my client down is a big help. But, and I’ve spoken with other people in my position who admit the same fault; it’s so hard to take the time to do these crucial updates when it benefits just ourselves. And this is changing for this lady starting now.

I’m about to embark on a personal quest to treat my own business with the same importance that I treat my clients, or at least something in the neighborhood. Starting in October, I will be featuring entrepreneurs that I admire as a way to inspire my readers, my clients and anyone who wants to peek into the mind of someone whom I deem to be brilliant in his/her field. This is simultaneously my effort to practice what I preach as well as to (selfishly) inspire myself in the process. I hope that you enjoy getting a glimpse into what it means to be an entrepreneur, and I’m excited to get into the minds of these successful folks.