On Not Updating my Own Social Media

Laura Oldham Headshot

What’s that? Oh, just ANOTHER new headshot. BAM.

I’ve failed miserably in 2013 at updating my business Facebook page. If I were my own client, I would have fired myself months ago; I will openly admit this. And while I know that I’m terrible at sharing news about my business, I don’t know if I’m ready to change that.

Many of my likes on Facebook are friends and family members. My tendency toward humility and paranoia in coming off “too braggy” instill a huge fear in oversharing on my blog and Facebook page any business success I may have. Yet I preach to my clients over and over the importance of tooting your business successes. Whether it means that you recently raised more than $2,000 for a local charity, won statewide honors for your business’ success or were named a top restaurant in Chicago by Michelin, you should be putting that all over your Facebook page, Twitter, blog, and whatever other channels you might gain some online applause. I’ve shared all of these things and more for clients in the past few months. But for my own successes I for some reason remain silent.

This morning I glanced at my Facebook page and noticed I hadn’t updated it since March. While I don’t feel comfortable yet updating everything regularly, I decided an efficient manner to follow my own advice might be in one huge, list-filled blog post. So here goes.

2013 has been great for El-Be Social Marketing and me personally for the following amazing reasons:


  • I led several classes at the Women’s Business Center at ECDI and taught both new and veteran business owners how to build a simple WordPress website and how to tackle social media



  • The Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce voted me onto the Chamber Board


  • Along with a talented team I planned and promoted Grandview Digfest and ticket sales were up 250% this year


  • I bought a house, which was the impetus for moving to Ohio–to buy a real house with a yard, as opposed to a condo with a shared parking lot in Chicago



  • I hired accountants to keep track of my invoicing, income and expenses, which is incredibly hard for me since I like to be in charge of everything


  • Speaking of not having control over all the things, I hired a wonderful intern, Stephanie


  • I remembered to move over to Feedly before July 1…almost


  • I’ve written way more reviews for Drink Up Columbus, which is a great writing exercise (and excuse to explore Columbus)


  • I’ve successfully cut out quite a bit of the free work that was weighing me down emotionally and taking away time from growing my business


  • I’ve dipped my toe a bit deeper into the world of graphic design; I’m not great, but I’m feeling better


  • I’ve attended more networking events and have come off slightly less awkward than in 2012, which is a huge feat for me


  • I’ve cut down on acting like a total jackass in my personal Facebook account, which is possibly an even bigger feat for me


  • I’ve adopted an adorable little puppy named Eleanor, which was another reason for moving to Ohio (puppies deserve yards and houses not curbs and condos)


  • And finally, I can say with confidence that El-Be is an absolute success


I’m sure I’m missing some of my successes in the past six months. But I’d say that this level of personal applause is a great place to start. Cheers, and here’s to a great final six months of 2013.