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The @Font-face Rule…

So I’m currently in the middle of what has likely (at least visually from a design perspective) been the most complicated website I’ve done so far, and I’ve definitely learned a lot working on this one. But, probably the most fun part of what I’ve learned has been the @font-face CSS trick.
I guess it’s silly to call it a trick when people all around me know about this rule, but I thought it was pretty great and incredibly useful. The @font-face rule allows you to embed a font into a website so that you’re not chained down to the normal list of web friendly fonts. I’m as big of fan as Tahoma as the next guy, but it’s pretty eye-opening to have the chance to use pretty much any font under the sun.
Here’s a great article that explains more about the backgrounds of fonts as well as the rule to use for embedding:
Now you can include a font on your website without pulling out all of your hair. Here’s to fun fonts! Comic sans for everybody! (Kidding,Kidding. Comic Sans is already pretty web friendly.)
Photo courtesy of dotbenjamin