WELD Columbus

Since I’ve moved to Columbus I’ve been most amazed by the desire that everyone seems to have to make this city great. It sounds cheesy, but everyone really seems to pull together to help each other. I’ve been bombarded with new connections on LinkedIn and suggestions of what I can do to grow my business here. And I’ve been lucky to find a fantastic organization devoted to helping women succeed in business, WELD.

WELD, or Women for Economic Leadership and Development, is an organization in Columbus that offers women tools to enhance their economic status. Their mission is to “Increase the number of women in business and government leadership in central Ohio.” I’m excited to become a part of this organization after feeling incredibly welcome at my first event, and I’m looking forward to finding more organizations like this throughout Columbus. The tools available for small businesses in Columbus as well as the people who are genuinely interested in helping each other is very refreshing. Hooray for Cbus!